How to Watch Free Movies Online Without Painful Ads Using Ads Blocker

How to Watch Free Movies Online Without Painful Ads Using Ads Blocker

How to Watch Free Movies Online Without Painful Ads Using Ads Blocker

01 Jan 1970

Watching movies online is a unique experience that a lot of people tend to go for especially when they want to relax after a hard day. Since it’s usually free, the number of users choosing that over a night at the cinema is increasing. However, everyone who’s tried going on movie sites and choosing a flick to watch surely knows the problem that appears.

Moreover, a lot of the sites make revenue out of ads. And in a lot of cases, these ads can be harmful and dangerous to your device. Not to mention that they turn the whole watching experience into a nightmare. That’s why viewers look for ways to block the painful content from interrupting the video and posing a threat to their device.

To help you out, here we’ll present how you can block these annoying ads and never see them again using an ads blocker.

Install an Ads Blocker

Ads blockers are, in fact, extensions that you can add to your browser in order to protect yourself from the untrusted content. Mind that all browsers don’t accept all types of blockers so choose the ones that are suitable for the browser you use.

For example, we’ll take Google Chrome and the extension AdBlock Plus. All you should do is search for it on Google or in the Google Chrome store or you can download it from here. Once you find it, you should select the blue button saying ’free’. Then, wait for it to be installed.

Customize It As You Prefer

After the installation process is finished go to the options tab. The blocker is automatically enabled and ready to block all unwanted ads, but still you can browse through the additional options that are at your disposal.

Once you click on the tab, you’ll see everything that the software offers regarding your protection from painful ads. So, tick the boxes that match your preferences.

You’ll encounter options like malware blocking and disabling other websites from tracking you while looking for movies online.

Filter the Ads

The blocker you install will also give you a chance to choose which ads to block. There’s a filtering option, allowing you to create a list of everything that you want to be blocked.

If by any chance, a specific ad escapes from the filter, you can block that one separately. This can be achieved only in case your blocker provides a way for blocking individual ads. For instance, AdBlock Plus offers this. All you should do is:

  • When the ad appears right-click on it
  • Press ‘Block Element’
  • A filter will open
  • Press ‘Enter’ on the keyboard or click on ‘Add’ and it will be blocked

A Final Word

Many movie websites feature ads that cover the watching area, interrupting the whole experience and possibly damaging the device you’re watching on. To stop that from happening, you can try using ad blockers. Search for the one that matches your needs and enable it on your browser. Then, after you configure it as you like and explore all the options, you can watch moviesknowing that the annoying content is finally gone. Good luck!

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