The Timeless Story of the Beauty and the Beast Comes Alive in a Live-Action Version

The Timeless Story of the Beauty and the Beast Comes Alive in a Live-Action Version

The Timeless Story of the Beauty and the Beast Comes Alive in a Live-Action Version

01 Jan 1970

Beautyand the Beast became one of the most anticipated movies of 2017 the moment Disney announced that they were going to turn the animated classic into a live action version. Fans were so eager to watch this romantic musicaland they were satisfied when they went out of the theaters on March 17.

Disney made the right choice putting the Academy Award-winning Bill Condon in the directorial chair as he has proven himself numerous times with hits like Dreamgirls and Gods and Monsters. Now his latest movie, Beauty and the Beast has enchanted the theater-goers, smashing multiple records along the way. Its box office numbers go as far as over a billion dollars!

So, let’s take a look at the plot, the characters and everything in between that make it so special.

The Story of Beauty and the Beast

The plot follows Belle, a young and beautiful girl, living in a rural village in France. She catches the eye of none other than the notorious Gaston, the movie’s villain, who wants to marry her. However, destiny has something else in store for her. Once she is imprisoned by the beast in his castle, she befriends everybody from his staff. The beast and Belle both fall in love with each other because she is the only one that sees the beauty and kindness that lies within him.

The Cast

The intelligent and empowered Belle is played by the dashing Emma Watson, best known for her role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series among other movies. The world praised the casting even before the movie was released as she represents what the twenty-first century Belle would look like. The critics and fans alike raved about her performance, too. Her partner, the beast, was brought to the screen by Dan Stevens. The gorgeous Dan was made to look like the beast thanks to the extraordinary special effects and CGI department.

The role of the villain Gaston belonged to Luke Evans, an experienced actor, who perfectly fell into the role. His sidekick, LeFou, was portrayed by Josh Gad, who was belting out all the high notes like it was a joke.

Among the rest who joined them were Ian McKellen, Kevin Kline, Emma Thompson and other A-list actors.

Popularity and Success

Most of the popularity is probably due to the original songs they kept from the original movie. Watson, Stevens, Evans, Gad, Thompson and the rest put their vocal chords to the test. And they passed it. Everyone loved the new songs, which were written especially for this movie.

The whole set design and the costumes were unique and fantastically-made. The mesmerizing special effects took care to bring life to the ordinary objects such as clocks and wardrobes.

The bottom line is that the movie was made with a lot of love, passion, talent, and experience, which is a well-known formula for success of blockbusters.


The people working on this romantic musical were wise to play the nostalgic card while putting something new into the mix. The movie made us all feel like kids again when we first watched the animated Belle dance in the ballroom with the beast. It brought our favorite characters back on the big screen, but this movie is as exciting thanks to the brand new background information and modern details.

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