FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

1) Are all movies legal to watch on ovoo.tv?
Indeed, all movies on ovoo.tv are legal to watch, all movies are not hosted by us we just link to them.
2) How can I find my favourite movies?
You can fill the request form, after reviewing the request; we will upload your favourite movies.
3) How to find the version of the movie?
It's very easy, move your cursor and place it on movie’s thumbnail, versions will be pop up for example 720p or 1080p
4) How can I turn on or off the subtitles?
It’s is very easy to turn the subtitles on or off; you can click on CC icon on the player to turn on or off. You don’t have to turn off the subtitles because some movies have no subtitles.
5) How can I change the quality of the movie?
Like you do on YouTube, once you click on the setting icon you will have the options of quality from 360p to 1080p. Some movies have two options like HD or SD. Once you set HD, it will be 720p and once SD it will be 360p.
6) How do I know the quality of the movie I am watching?
Just move your cursor on the thumbnail, from the right top corner the quality options will appear.
7) How can I play movies in VLC Player and how can I download them?
It is very easy, first, if any movie does not have a subtitle, then there is no menu appear for download subtitle. To download your movie, you can click the download button. If you want to download subtitle, then the menu will appear once you move your cursor on settings.
If you want to watch movies in VLC player, open VLC and select the option “downloaded by VLC.” To add the subtitle file, you can go to the top menu and click subtitle.
8) What should I do if the link gets broken?
If the link gets broken you can report us to fix that; you can click the report button below the player. As we have several servers for each movie, it often breaks while loading. You can try other servers as well if you get one broken.
9) What are the servers F1 and F2? Moreover, do tell me about OpenLoad?
These are all our movie servers; the difference is that if you use F1 and F2 servers, then you won't be bothered by any sponsor ads, they are fast servers and let you watch movies without any interruptions. While OpenLoad and VideoMega are ones that have sponsor ads and they are in fact our backup servers. They show ads, but if F1 and F2 servers are too busy to load up movies, then you can have the alternates like OpenLoad.
10) How can I contact you?
You can visit our contact us page.